Sewer and Drain Cleaning

When something is said to go ‘down the drain’ it’s thought to be lost forever. However this is far from the case when it comes to hair, food, diapers, toys, and other items that necessitate a sewer and drain cleaning from Mango Plumbing.

Drains are obviously a very convenient resource. However the very basic process of water swirling in an open space but then evacuating through a small hole leads to some pretty severe drain clogging. Not only that, when people use their garbage disposal as a wood chipper instead of a place to grind small particles of food often requires a sewer and drain cleaning if not severe repairs.

What’s the Worst that Can Happen with a Clogged Drain?

The opinion varies some in the industry but here at Mango Plumbing we feel sewer and drain cleaning is a very valuable service that we offer. At the very least, our drain cleaning services offers convenience. It’s nice when your toilet flushes fully when it’s supposed to or your kitchen sink allows water to flow out at a normal pace.

When water does back up however, it’s more than just a nuisance. Stagnant, pooling water not only brings a horrendous odor that permeates your entire home, it attracts bacteria and other toxins. What you thought was just a ‘slow drain’ could actually be causing mold to form in your kitchen or bathroom, bring along with it numerous other difficulties in breathing.

The most important reason we offer sewer and drain cleaning for our customers is because when these components aren’t working as they are designed, it’s a sign of trouble. A drain cleaning can identify small cracks in a sewer line or along areas of your plumbing when they are an easy fix instead of a catastrophe.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Benefits

In order to understand the benefits of having your sewer and drain cleaned on a regular basis, just look at all the places where drains exist in your home:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Furnace/AC /Water Heater Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Outdoors (Driveways/Patios)

It’s not just hair that can get lodged in these areas but all sorts of grime, debris, and physical objects. Your home’s plumbing is a pressure vacuumed system that requires many of these ports to be free of blockage in order to work correctly. After years and years these blockages can work their way through the plumbing system and create a clog or crack in a much more dangerous location. Debris (especially grease) can also cling to the walls of your pipes and collect even more objects that pass by in an almost spider web effect.

It’s for all of these reasons that we feel our sewer and drain cleaning services are not merely convenient, but instead mandatory. If it’s been too long (or never), contact Mango Plumbing today.