Sewer and Drain Repairs

The thing about sewer and drain repairs is that the issues could be almost anything located nearly anywhere. Damage can occur right at your home fixtures such as in a toilet or sink blockage or it can be something more sinister such as a tree root growing through the line out in your yard.

Consider Just How Many Drains Your Home Contains

When most of our customers think of sewer and drain repairs they immediately conjure up images of the kitchen or bathroom. It’s true that these are two of the main culprits of drain and sewer line issues in your home but the kitchen and bathroom are hardly the only place where a drain exists when you consider:

  • Garage drains used for dispersing water used to wash cars and lawn equipment.
  • Laundry room drains used an evacuate for overflowing washing machines
  • Utility room drains for HVAC condensate or water heaters
  • Basement drains to prevent damage from any possible flooding
  • Outdoor drains in a driveway or near a downspout to safely remove water from the property.

These drains are the entry way into the complicated system which is your sewer. Professional sewer and drain repairs are recommended to accurately identify not only the cause of the problem but also the location and subsequent solution.

Risks of Procrastinating on Sewer and Drain Repairs

There are many times when a sewer and drain fails it is an immediate emergency situation. If the problem occurs out in the yard your sewer line could be leaking topic substances into the soil around your home. Drain repairs are also crucial as a blockage could lead to back-flowing back into the home which can cause damage and bring with it a bacteria and health risk.

Another reason to use haste in sewer and drain repairs is location. When your washing machine, water heater, or air-conditioner can’t properly get rid of their excess water they risk damage and the outside threat of electrical shock and fires.

Arguably the most dangerous aspect of sewer and drain repairs is that they could happen at any time. For this reason Mango offers preventative maintenance such as drain cleaning or our camera inspections. After all it’s better to have your sewer and drain checked out and find no issues – rather than not have it inspected and face the alternative.