Our Story

Plumbing has been in the Mango family since the 1930’s, when Michael Mango’s grandfather first moved over to the United States from Palermo, Sicily. He worked as a plumber, raising his son Rudolph Mango to learn the family trade. These skills and professional values were passed down to the third generation of family plumbers, Michael Mango, who started Mango Plumbing in 1976, the same year his first son was born.

The Mango Plumbing heritage continues on with Michael Mango, his three sons, and their loyal crew of plumbers in Redford. Mango Plumbing works to provide family values of honesty and integrity to each customer. Our customers tell us repeatedly how happy they are with our service. Why? Because they often have horror stories about other plumbing companies. We’re fair and reasonable. We come to your house to get the job done the right way.

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