Pipe Thawing and Insulation

One of the biggest home features at risk during our harsh Michigan Winters is the plumbing. Specifically, the cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. The subsequent expansion of the pipes or the repeated unsafe thawing can then cause these pipes to burst. Throwing water damage on top of a bitter cold is not what we’d call “ideal.”

Mango Plumbing offers professional pipe thawing and insulation services. The goal with insulating exposed pipes is to prevent them from thawing in the first place. However if you do have frozen pipes for whatever reason, we will thaw them in a manner that prevents water damage to your home or troubles with the pipes and plumbing system itself.

Professional Pipe Thawing Services

One of the biggest keys to a successful pipe thawing is immediate action. You don’t want the frozen blockage to expand but you also don’t want the pipes to thaw on there own. A controlled, organized pipe thawing with professional equipment presents your best chance to avoid damage to your home and plumbing.

Regardless of if your pipes are made from copper, plastic, or steel there is a potential for freezing when cold temperatures are combined with wind chill and poor pipe insulation. Frozen water will turn to ice within your pipe and that ice will subsequently expand. Not only is your water access restricted, but the blockage creates a significant pressure buildup within the pipes. Eventually something has to give and if it’s the pipes the result can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. A pipe leak or burst can release 250 gallons of water or more in a day.

Professional thawing depends on the situation. We use a combination of external heat as well as forced warm water flow inside the pipes to safely and efficiently thaw out the blockage. This is done in a controlled manner so that your plumbing system depressurizes at a safe rate and your pipes come “back to normal” so they can adjust.

Pipe Insulation

Of course the most successful pipe thawing would be to not need the service at all. This is accomplished by responsible operation when cold weather is on the horizon (letting the faucet drip to avoid buildup) but also pipe insulation. Adding insulation to pipes can not only protect them from cold weather, but will also give you an increase in energy efficiency. Insulated pipes lowers the strain on your water heater which can also expand its life span.

Mango Plumbing offers professional pipe insulation services in areas where it is deemed feasible. Any and all pipes that are outside of the home should be insulated to avoid damage. Pipes that run through a cold basement or crawl space can also benefit from a protective insulation layer. At the very least a thorough pipe insulation will give you an added peace of mind when the bitter Michigan Winter temperatures are approaching.