Water Heater Installation and Repairs

Most residential customers don’t appreciate the valuable service their water heater provides until that first enduring of a cold shower early in the morning. Of course heaters not only provide warm water for showers and baths, but also laundry, dishes, and numerous other critical household services. It’s for this reason that professional water heater installation from Mango Plumbing is so important.

As homeowners we want our water heaters to not only be convenient, but also efficient as well. It can take a lot of energy to keep a supply of hot water ready at any minute. There are a few other aspects of water heater installation that Mango Plumbing can assist you with.

What You Might Not Know about Water Heater Installation

One of the best services that we offer with water heater installation is first making sure you select the right unit for your water usage needs. Some features you may have not considered about your new water heater include:

  • Recovery Rate – measured in gallons per hour it is the rate which determines whether the first person in the shower in the morning will be the only one to enjoy hot water. For bigger families a faster recovery rate is highly recommended.
  • Gas / Electric – it makes no sense to find the water heater with all your desired features and ratings if it doesn’t match your home’s heating source whether that’s electric or gas.
  • Energy Efficiency – how much of the energy being created by water heater is actually being distributed in the home. It’s worth it to pay for a water heater with higher efficiency as it will result in lower utility bills over time.
  • Cost / Warranty – don’t just look at the listed price but instead prorate that out over the warranty of the heater. Your annual cost is the one that really matters.

Why Choose a Professional for Water Heater Installation?

One thing you may have noted is that your water heater will either be a gas or electric hookup model. These two different types of heating sources combined with the presence of either water and/or spark makes for a bad combination. Your water heater is also under an intense amount of pressure as it delivers water throughout your home’s pipes and units have become powder kegs when not properly installed.

It’s best to call Mango Plumbing for your water heater installation so that you 1) know you’re selecting the right unit and 2) are guaranteed that it’s installed correctly. An improper water heater installation is not only dangerous; it will be causing you money and perhaps worse – will be putting you at risks for cold showers at unpredictable moments.