Complete Residential Repipes

The pipes in your home are the transportation systems that both deliver as well as evacuate water to various parts of the house. These pressurized systems are very durable, but at the same time are under a great amount of stress. As your pipes get old they are going to be more inclined to fail. Besides old age, the Michigan weather and excessive freezing and thawing can also takes its toll on your home’s piping.

For these reasons Mango Plumbing offers a complete residential repiping service. This may become necessary when pipes fail (or are about to) or if a building inspector declares the plumbing on your new home does not meet code. We specialize in both copper repiping services as well as Pex Pipes.

Why are Residential Repipes Needed?

Corrosion of pipes over the years can result in low water pressure, a reduced water flow, and eventually leaks. This corrosion will also get into your drinking and bathing water supply, filling it with debris and creating a rusty color. Pipe corrosion is not only an inconvenience, it can be dangerous and very costly. Leaky pipes can cause water damage to valuable items in your home and rusty water can ruin your clothes in the washer.

In some cases a damaged section of pipe can be removed and replaced. It’s important to give Mango Plumbing a call however so that an inspection can determine if damage is isolate or system-wide.

What is Involved in a Residential Repiping?

One of the major issues faced during a residential repiping is access. The best time to have a repiping service performed is during a remodel as sheetrock will be removed anyways. Of course, during pipe malfunctions this is not always feasible. Either way, repiping in a nutshell involves the removal of the old plumbing system and a complete overhaul of new pipes, fixtures, etc.

Copper is the most proven choice of material used for residential repiping. Copper is more durable than PEX and other types of plastic piping – however copper is also significantly more expensive. There is a great return on investment when repiping with copper because of the long life span.

PEX repiping is another viable option however. PEX piping is very flexible which makes it easier to install, especially in difficult locations. Your savings from using PEX piping comes not only in labor costs, but also the material itself. PEX piping is also very quiet (you won’t have the knocks that are sometimes associated with copper). Also copper itself is durable, but the joints need to be professionally soldered whereas in that regard PEX could actually be less likely to leak.

More Information about Residential Repiping

There are a few options to consider when it comes to your residential repiping needs – the first of which is if a complete replacement is truly required. Give Mango Plumbing a call today at 313-531-6817 to book a plumbing inspection so that together we can decide the next course of action to take.