Complete Dig Repairs

Plumbing malfunctions inside the home can be risky enough. The threat of water damage to your home features and belongings can be very expensive and in some cases irreplaceable. That being said, plumbing problems outside of your home are also very dangerous. When water or waste starts seeping into your soil it can create a literally toxic situation.

Mango Plumbing provides complete dig repairs for these exact situations. In Southeast Michigan residential sewer lines are sometimes 8-12 ft deep so these are definitely major jobs. One of the major issues faced with complete dig repairs is access. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives because damaged external sewer lines absolutely need to be replaced. It is a tough job – but a necessary one.

What Causes External Pipe Damage?

Sewage lines transport waste and other sediment multiple times a day every day. It makes sense that over time the exposure and the pressure involved in this flow will eventually cause the pipes to malfunction. This is why one of the biggest threats to your sewage line is simply age and wear. Damage to the old clay pipes around the state is often a matter of “when” and not “if”.

Of course there are other risks to your sewage line. New construction in the area or excessive heavy equipment traffic could disrupt the surrounding soil causing trickle down problems to your plumbing lines. Tree roots are also uncontrollable in terms of where they grow and over the years they have been determined to take the “through” route instead of around. Flushing foreign objects down your drains or failing to have the septic system maintained regularly are also only a couple of the potential problem areas that would someday require a complete dig repair.

How Are External Pipe Problems Repaired

One of the major advantages of hiring Mango Plumbing for your service needs is our high tech equipment capabilities. With our in-line sewer camera inspections we can get a literal eye on your plumbing system. From there we can determine if the pipe problems are isolated (collision damage, roots, etc) or system-wide (old age). We will then recommend the next course of action whether that be non-invasive pipe section replacement or a full overhaul.

As with many plumbing procedures one of the biggest issues with external pipe repairs is access. As stated, sewer lines may be buried as deep as 12ft into the soil which requires some major excavation for replacement. Replacing damaged sections is a bit easier, especially utilizing our trenchless sewer pipelining service.

More Complete Dig Repair Information

The first step in determining the extent of your dig repair is going to be diagnostics. Give Mango Plumbing a call at 313-531-6817 to identify the root cause of your sewage line problems – it could be something as simple as a drain clog. Together we’ll devise the best strategy to get your plumbing system safe and functioning once again.