Faucet Installation and Repairs

For all too many homeowners a leaky faucet is just as much a part of their residence as the 10-year-old entry way rug or the living room lamp from the 1994 holiday party. What they don’t realize is that putting off faucet repairs and new faucets is more than just an inconvenience or a nuisance, it’s actually costing them money one drip at a time.

The thing is, those drips add up to some pretty tremendous wastes not only in water but also in needlessly higher utility bills. Take for example your drips per minute on just one faucet:

  • The bare minimum 1 drip per minute wastes about 34 gallons of water per year.
  • A faucet that drips 4 times per minute is wasting 138 gallons of water per year.
  • A considerable drip of 20 times per minute burns up 694 gallons of water per year.
  • An intense drip of 60 times per minute flushes away over 2,000 gallons of water per year.

What’s unfortunate about these numbers are two things – 1) that many people allow these drips to manifest over 2-3 years or more and 2) they could have been repaired at the first instance of a leak. Most of the time a leak isn’t going to go away on its own which is why the need for professional faucet repairs and new faucets is so important – if anything just to preserve this Earth’s long term water supply.

The Need for Pro Faucet Repairs and New Faucets

The Internet is littered with numerous tips, tricks, and hacks about how to DIY fix your leaking faucet. The truth is however that professional repairs will always be your best investment.

One of the main reasons to hire a pro like Mango Plumbing is because faucets can vary so much. There are four different types of faucets (ball, cartridge, compression, and disc) all with different inner working mechanisms. Even if you’ve worked on a faucet before it doesn’t necessarily mean it was the same type.

Another reason for professional faucet repairs and new faucet installations is just that – identifying whether you need a replacement or repair:

  • Why spend time and money troubleshooting and replacing multiple components when a complete replacement was needed the whole time?
  • Why spend extra money for a complete replacement when an inexpensive repair such as an O-ring replacement was all that was needed?
  • Why risk further damage to fixtures, pipes, drains, etc. with an improper DIY job?

It may seem like a rather minor component in comparison to your overall home setup but faucet repairs and new faucets installation is not something to be taken lightly. Give Mango a call today for more information about those overdue drip repairs.