Kohler Toilets

Kohler CimarronKohler toilets is a family owned company that has been innovating and designing toilets for over four decades. Designing everything from sustainable products for the kitchen and bath, to beautiful furniture, they’ve been leading plumbing design for years. Made with bold performance and design, we’re proud to install Kohler Toilets.

Kohler Cimarron — A throne fit for a king! The Cimmarron is a classic and versatile design that is also beautifully built on the inside. This toilet comes with AquaPiston™ technology, a patented flush engine that delivers a fast and plug-free flush. Comfortable and powerful, it makes a great choice for your next bathroom redesign.

Discover more of their features on their website, including comfortable heights for the handicapped.  Let us know when you’ve found something you love. We’ll help install it and create a more comfortable bathroom for you.