Sump Pump Installation and Repairs

A sump pump can be a lifesaver in avoiding water damage to your home or business. Most commonly found in the basement, a sump pump kicks in to disperse water when it accumulates in the basin. This can occur with harsh rain, broken pipes, and a number of other water distribution issues.

The sump pump installation costs can easily be recouped when you consider the thousands of dollars in potential damage that are avoided. Of course in order to retain the full value of your investment, it’s important that the pump is not only installed correctly initially, but also regularly maintained. This is why Mango Plumbing specializes in sump pump installation and repairs.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are most conveniently installed during a new home build but they can be retrofit as well. The sump pit itself is a 2ft wide basin filled with gravel and covered with drain tiles. Concrete is then placed over the pump basin to maintain the aesthetics of your basement. Sump pump installation also involves improving the waterproofing of the basement as a whole. This involves grading the soil on the outside of the foundation, installing drainage and fixing gutters, and perhaps applying waterproofing to the concrete walls (interior or exterior). The sump pump is designed to disperse water – but it always preferable that there is no water present to begin with.

Sump Pump Repairs

The most common sump pump repairs involve the motor of the pump itself. A certain amount of regular maintenance is required as well. Maintenance issues may include:

  • Testing the system for proper operation
  • Inspecting the float switch and intake
  • Clean the intake valve and impeller
  • Clean sediment and silt from the sump liner
  • Replace the batteries on the pump alarm
  • Clean the discharge liner
  • Service the humidifier

Sump pumps are mechanical objects with many moving parts. There is a decent chance some of these parts will break down over the years which is why regular maintenance is so important. Don’t ruin the effectiveness and reliability of your sump pump by foregoing the required testing, cleaning, and inspection.

Sump pump installation and repairs provide you a sound peace of mind that can be invaluable. It’s nice knowing that your basement will be protected in the event of inclimate weather or if your plumbing malfunctions. A sump pump installation also allows you to expand your home’s living space into the basement, improving your home’s market value. Deleting the presence of water helps to avoid mold growth as well, giving you better air quality throughout your home.

To take advantage of the many benefits of a sump pump installation give Mango Plumbing a call today at 313-531-6817.